Our courses are practical and grounded in psychology and best practice. We create learning environments that are relaxed, confidential and fun, which enables participants to feel comfortable to try out new things and challenge old ways of thinking. Most essential is personal accountability the transfer of the learning back into the real world in useful and positive ways. HOSPITALIAN works with an extensive network of course providers who offer our qualifications around the world . We use the concept of "Lead by Example" to help participants to commit to and follow-through with desired actions.



We create bespoke packaging for your brand and deliver strategies that empower your clients to generate results. Delivering an ambitious brand strategy and identity, along with a new recipes and marketing material to help increase sales by over 300% since the collaboration. Get in touch and learn more.



Modernising a well-established bespoke MENU to appeal to a global market. Creating a striking new identity that captured the innovative and insightful nature of the venue. We Design your menu with creativity and passion.



We approach our Trainings and SOP  programs with a personalised  service strategy. Every project begins with an analysis phase to determine where improvements can be most beneficial.        We then help apply one or more custom solutions to accomplish the desired results.The program will aim to provide the participants with both knowledge and tools to cater to the issues effectively and perform their roles successfully in the hospitality and tourism industry. This program will enable to learn more about the key decisions facing hospitality service, as well as assessing alternative approaches to management.


We can tailor a celebration to any type of event, both in hired venues and private houses. From birthdays and anniversaries to welcome-home parties and house-warmings to christenings and cultural celebrations. There is no theme that we can’t explore and create. We understand that each type of event is unique, and every person hosting it is unique, and we work with these diversities to craft a special and memorable occasion.


We tailor creative experiences to suit you, so whether it’s a summer treasure hunt or a cocktail-making and tasting session, we will offer a wicked experience by focusing on the attention to detail. Fun team-building events are always beneficial to the overall happiness of the environment.



Using a business-outsider will stimulate new thoughts, provide you with a better understanding of your real operation and it will help you to refocus your business approach. Our mystery guest program are suitable for all hospitality and tourism businesses. Each program is tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements.