Essential Bar Tools That Every Bartender Should Have; Do not forget that you cannot buy knowledge

The first cocktails were most likely enjoyed by British navy sailors, and pirates during the 1500s and they consisted of a rough moonshine rum that was mixed with citrus fruit, sugar, tea and other spices to enhance (mostly dull the flavor) of the rum.

Since the days of sailing the seven seas, mixology has become a skillful art. The level of precision and skill involved has increased dramatically and with that has come a variety of bar tools and equipment that make a mixologists job possible.

Aside from making amazing drinks, bartenders also have to make sure that their guests are entertained and satisfied by chatting with them or showing off their skills by artistic use of the tools.

The tools on our list are inspire and taken by Urban Bar, they will set your bartenders up to succeed by not only giving them the basics, such as bottle openers and wine keys, but also provide them with essential equipment to make a wide repertoire of drinks for your customers. Using the tools listed here, your back of bar will be running smoothly and at peak performance at all times:

Your cocktail shaker will be your most-used bar tool when it comes to creating mixed drinks. Make sure you have one that’s easy to use and durable. You’ll learn that having a quality cocktail shaker is the first step to becoming a good bartender.

You can use a regular spoon, but these are generally too bulky for a lot of drinks, especially if the drink is in something like a martini glass.

Bar spoons are longer and more narrow than regular spoons. They make it super easy to stir any kind of drink, no matter what type of glass it’s in.

The strainer can attach to your cocktail mixer so when you pour the contents of the mixer into glasses, it’ll catch anything that isn’t liquid. Without a strainer, your drinks will all be filled with little pieces of whatever you mixed with.

A fine strainer is a necessary addition to your cocktail strainer. If you are shaking a mixed drink with fruits, ice, herbs, or anything else besides liquid, you’re going to need a fine strainer.

Getting the ingredients right in each drink is the most important part of creating a quality beverage. You need to have the perfect amount of strength, sweetness, and sourness in each drink.

Don’t eyeball the amount of each ingredient, especially when you’re starting out. Use a measuring tool to ensure you’re getting the ingredients just right.

A mixing glass is a durable glass that’s used for mixing drinks before serving them to customers. Mixing glasses can stay chilled for much longer than a normal glass which is great for serving drinks cold without ice.

Using fresh citrus juice in your drinks instead of pre-bottled juices is a big step towards becoming a good bartender. All you need is the fruit of your choice such as lemon or lime, and a good citrus juicer.

A small knife is a simple yet vital addition to your bar tools. You can use it to cut wedges of citrus fruit, cut herbs and spices, or create zesty twists to garnish drinks.

You don’t need a big fancy chef’s knife for any of this stuff. Just get a small, sharp knife that you feel comfortable using.

A good muddler will bring out the aromatics of herbs, spices, and fruits so that their flavors are released and infused into the drink.  The long handle keeps bartenders from hitting their hands on the sides of the glass or cocktail shaker, allowing them to mix drinks safely and efficiently.

Take your serves to the next level with the precision Cocktail Garnish Tongs. These 10 inch garnish tweezers aid you in placing delicate garnishes on cocktails.

Grooved finger grips are on both sides of the tweezers to give grip when placing delicate items. The tips are also grooved to help you pick up any small item.

Also suited to the hospitality industry for plate dressing, these tongs are perfect for use as chefs tweezers. Whatever your use, the Cocktail Garnish Tongs help you hone your presentations.

They are usually used for transferringicecubes, one at a time, into a drink glass. They can be made of silver, silver-plate, stainless steel, and sometimes brass. They can be too flimsy tousefor other food items, unless these other items are very small and light.Ice tongsare a standard part of a bar tender's kit.

Bartenders Book

Especially when you are just starting as a bartender, you can’t possibly have memorized every single drink, so that is why you need a book for drinks to guide you. You’re going to have to put time into reading this so you can learn more about bartending including the tricks too. 

Because Bartender it is the best job ever.


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